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Only thing different is IMVU is more real and reality with better clothes. Jean cannon nude. And you have to be AP to access half of it so I mean. Tue Jan 27, 8: Yes, SmallWorlds may have people who dirty-talk or, excuse my language, sex-talk but at least it's not as graphic as it is on IMVU.

I've run into people time and time again that get pissed if I walk around in a funny costume or with an avatar that has a distorted body. IMVU is nothing more than a pervs wanting cartoon sex. Naked imvu girls. Also the wedding dress for me isn't really that big of a deal Display posts from previous: Do you really buy things on imvu? But I would definitely do as Qwerty suggested and file a help ticket regardless.

Short of forcing every GA skin to be 'mcg compatible', it will never be solved. Yeah there are some immature people there, and yeah you can't walk around, but in my personal opinion, it's miles better. Doesn't it make you download? SW has 13 and younger pervs. Looks more realistic and isn't that childish like Smallworlds is becoming.

Finally, using the room tools, move the poses where you want them and line them up till you are happy with the result. Nikki benz lesbian porn. A male who is infected with trichomoniasis can pass it to a female. IMVU is a very. I still choose SmallWorlds because at least SmallWorlds have some dignity and all the male characters show some respect. Also, may I add, it's very hard to get around.

Where can you buy a naked female body on imvu without an acess pass? I guess I will take my opinions else where. Step 4 Receive bill instantly in your mafia inbox.

Most of them " Cuss " And Cyber all the time. They take money from Customers and then lock them out of their account in less than a month. India is the clear winner. True, But i'm talking about the " Poses " and clothing. They also talk dirty to each other and stuff. D Unless you get into creating art and roleplaying, then that out-complexes SW, lol I am Smallworlds all the way. Soft pussy xxx. But i'd rather play on sw because i'm more sociable.

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And, the items on imvu people make.

Unfortunatley, I dont like spending money on my credit card, and I don't want a game site to have my credit card, so I cant get AP, and I would like the exclipt things to be free for me.

You want a sexy pose to be in but you don't know anyone that will gift them to you for credits and you don't want to risk submitting them yourself and getting in trouble. Step 5 Pay safe through paypal, credit card, debit card, e-check, weatern union, amazon, or bitcoin. Victoria beckham fake nude. Smallworlds has the mission and art creation, which is VERY entertaining, and something IMVU does not currently have, a way to earn currency in-game, for completing tasks, spinning the wheel, so on and so forth You can "earn credits" on IMVU just as you can at Smallworlds factory, but it is very hard and the only way to actually get any credits is to buy credits for the items you wish to have on IMVU.

A while back I ran into the same Nude glitch. Posted May 21, If it was on the browser web then maybe i'd test it out and play it but downloading is so unsafe with the viruses out there. Coupon code for access pass on IMVU? Looks more realistic and isn't that childish like Smallworlds is becoming. Moved onto IMVU in The game is nasty and I would in no way compare it to SmallWorlds.

OP Sat Aug 17, 5: I hope Smallworlds Staff reads some my suggestions.

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I go hotels and people are talking dirty and doing 'it'. They are a bit alike to me, though Smallworlds is a bit more strict.

Imvu is my way to create my friends from a a picture they send to me to make them into IMVU format. Simply press that and confirm your deleting. IMVU is rated family And you have to purchase and verify your age to even see Avatars naked.

You used to be able to get them from Target too. Seen it used by 2 different people and it is great. Poor women naked. Naked imvu girls. You do have to download to play Smallworlds, But I think it come's with the computer. Step 4 Receive bill instantly in your mafia inbox.

In fact, SW is more complex than imvu is Unless you get into creating art and roleplaying, then that out-complexes SW, lol Lol, as I play it gets a bit easier.

But, I agree not the names part but yeah. But for now, Smallworlds!

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Posted January 30, So i go for sw: I went to his homepage to view his outfit and he didn't have the trigger on the outfit. How do you buy a name on imvu? In fact, a whole chunk of users complain about the catalog being "so dirty, and ridiculous" and try to dress more modestly or something. They are awesome, but if i create i will not publish them on my main account just for safety. Dailymotion lesbian sexy. OP Sat Aug 17, 3: Smallworlds on the other hand has a clean and simple atmosphere - if you know what I mean.

Thu Apr 02, 1: Ok enough, you finished the tutorial. I played IMVU and its fun but it will affect SWS alot like you cant be on both or it will virus sws but over all I guess sws it dont have to be downloaded It right there on the web for you to join.

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